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Cris Hagen

Reptile Biologist and Genetics Technician
Savannah River Ecology Laboratory
(803) 725-5163 office


Born in Dayton, Ohio in May of 1972, I developed a strong interest in natural history as a young child. In 1983, I began fueling these interests through proactive involvement with the Dayton Museum of Natural History and the Greater Dayton Herpetological Society. My devoted interests in turtles, crocodiles, and the rest of the universe have taken me to 5 continents and 20+ countries to study, photograph, and gain a better understanding of our planetís wildlife and human cultures.

My position as a research technician, wildlife biologist, and environmental educator at The Savannah River Ecology Laboratory has been a challenging and rewarding part of my life. I thrive here working on a variety of projects. These include field studies with American alligators and diamondback terrapins, outreach and education, maintaining captive research colonies of endangered turtle species from around the world, microsatellite primer development and conservation genetics.

I look forward to the next 40 years of local and global field studies and striving to help prevent turtle and crocodilian extinctions worldwide.