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Treefrog colonization of pools in altered forest habitats

Betsie Rothermel


Project description: Although habitat destruction is a leading cause of amphibian population declines worldwide, it is unclear which species may be most affected by deforestation. We examined treefrog colonization of artificial pools in four forest management treatments (clearcut with coarse woody debris removed, clearcut with coarse woody debris retained, partial harvest, and unharvested control) surrounding four seasonal wetlands at the Savannah River Site. Wading pools filled with rainwater were placed at fixed distances into each treatment in May 2005 and monitored daily for eggs of treefrogs (Family Hylidae). We determined time to first oviposition event, total number of oviposition events, and total number of eggs laid in each treatment.

Funding: NSF (Awards DEB-0242874 and DBI-0139572), SREL (Financial Assistance Award DE-FC09-96SR18-546 between the University of Georgia and the U.S. Department of Energy), and University of Missouri (Life Sciences Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program)

Collaborators: R. D. Mahan (University of Missouri), D. J. Hocking (University of Missouri)

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