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Stop #2: Sandhills of North Carolina
Featured Herp: Pine Barrens Treefrog

sandhills habitat sandhills habitat map pine barrens treefrog

Aerial view of sandhills habitat

Sandhill turkey oaks

Location in the Carolinas

Pine barrens treefrog

treefrog on leaf
hooded pitcherplant
Though mostly dry, the sandhills harbor wetlands used by pine barrens treefrogs. These are also good habitats for pitcher plants.

East Aiken Elementary School reached the NC sandhills on September 22, 1999. The hike from the Columbia, South Carolina area up through Cheraw (SC), past Rockingham, North Carolina, and ending near Fort Bragg (NC), traversed a different sort of scenery. The soil underfoot throughout the trek was very sandy, and even the names of places en route reflected the surrounding habitat——Carolina Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge (SC), Sand Hills State Forest (SC), Weymouth Woods-Sandhills Nature Preserve (NC), Sandhills Recreation Area (NC).

Sandhills this, sandhills that…sandhills here, sandhills there. What exactly are "the sandhills?" Obviously it is a great environment for longleaf pine, wiregrass, and turkey oaks! For more information on this interesting habitat type, download the Sandhills Fact Sheet.

The Pine Barrens Treefrog is one of seven species of treefrogs found in the Southeast. Although many of the other treefrog species have quite large geographic ranges (meaning that the species is found across a large area), Pine Barrens Treefrogs are known to occur in only a few locations spread across the Florida panhandle, a small portion of southern Alabama, isolated areas in the Carolinas, and parts of New Jersey.

The species was once considered a federally endangered species until more populations were discovered; it was removed (delisted) from the Endangered Species List in 1979.

southeastern distribution

>Download Pine Barrens Treefrog Fact Sheet

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